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Lerner and Associates have been retained in the recent past by project sponsors to undertake Historic Resource Evaluation Reports (HRER's) as required by the San Francisco Planning Department.

The San Francisco CEQA Review Procedures for Historic Resources, on occasion, require that an HRER be prepared for the purposes of gathering additional information "to determine whether a structure is a historical resource under CEQA and to access impacts on a historical resource." The CEQA Review Procedures detail the guidelines and outline the requirements in the preparation of such a report.

Some of the HRER and Historic Resource Reports that Lerner and Associates have been involved with in the recent past include an HRER for 1950 Green Street in Cow Hollow, for a proposed twenty-four unit housing in the 2100 block of Upper Market Street in the Castro District, and an evaluation of a potential historic resource at 208 Dolores Street in the Mission Dolores neighborhood.

Other modified Historic Resource Reports recently prepared include the evaluation of two non-historic buildings, one of which, will result in a small-scaled housing/office development in the Todas Santos Historic District in Concord, CA prepared for the City of Concord, CA. The second Historic Resources Report, evaluated a potential historic resource on the site of a proposed fourteen-unit housing complex. This report was prepared for the City of Walnut Creek on behalf of the project sponsors.

1950-1960 Green Street dating from the 1870's.
The Upper Market Street HRER included preliminary survey work of the Castro area neighborhood such as the former bank building at Market and Castro Streets.