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Historic Structure Reports (HSR) provides a valuable foundation for the rehabilitation, restoration, stabilization or reconstruction of a historic building. They are particularly important if the proposed work involves fabricating significant missing architectural or landscape features and removing later additions among other goals and objectives. An HSR provides a clear description of the building's architectural history, its original appearance and documents the changes that have occurred over time. In addition, it provides guidance to an owner as to how to approach a scope of work utilizing the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Typical chapters in an HSR include an Introduction or Executive Summary, a Brief History of the Property, Construction History, an Architectural Evaluation, an Existing Conditions Assessment and a Maintenance Requirements and the proposed Scope of Work chapter. Other chapters may included an Archeology, Bibliography, Reference and Appendices sections. Drawings and photographs are a significant component of the document.


Work on Alcatraz included Abbreviated Historic Structures Reports on six buildings on Alcatraz Island. An abbreviated Historic Structure Report for a nineteenth century tunnel that is now available for tourist use was also completed. Subject buildings included the Guardhouse Complex, the New Industries Building, the Quartermaster's Warehouse, the Post Exchange, the Model Industries, and Powerhouse Buildings.

Consultant team members were Sven Thomasen (Structural Engineer) of Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates and Architectural Historian John Martini.


The building is a potentially important historic structure located in the Telegraph Hill Historic District. Research for the project included basic historical background material that provided a framework for understanding the architectural components and evaluating their historical significance in a development context.

The report included an analysis of the existing conditions of the structure and a recommendation on how the building should be treated.

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