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This two-story wood framed Italinate single family house was built in approximately 1874, the façade of which was substantially remodeled in 1949 and later restored in 1976. The owners sought to excavate the basement in order to add a unit to the house and infill the open section of an “ell” projecting from the east side of the house.

City Planning staff , uncertain as to the significance of this open section of the ell, rejected the first submission of the plans and required that a Historic Resource Evaluation Report be done to ascertain the significance of this element and the appropriateness of the proposed addition. Architectural Historian William Kostura was retained to research and write the historical evaluation and together with Architect Arnie Lerner, evaluate the proposed work in terms of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

The report concluded that the open section of the building was constructed sometime in the 1950’s and that it would be appropriate to infill this section as it was most likely originally constructed. It is currently under Construction.